Kath Ramirez

Your living room is where you welcome your beloved guests at any time of the day. 

Whether there’s a special occasion or a simple gathering on a random day, this is a place where you all gather up together, do non-stop chit-chatting, and have the best-est bonds of your lives. 

With that, it’s necessary that you always consider upgrading your living room for the comfort of everyone. 

Also, well-taken care of living area reflects on your overall personality not just as the owner of your humble home but most importantly as a person. 

So, if you’ve been longing to revamp your living room but sad to say, you’re on a tight budget, why not keep an eye on these 5 pieces of furniture which you can focus on in spicing up the area? 

If you’re dead-curious about it, start reading further and find out. 

1. Huge windows

Huge windows

For a more comfortable and fresh-looking appearance of your living room, try to switch on to huge windows. 

And if you already got one, take advantage of it and open the curtains to let the natural light come in. 

The bigger windows you have, the more spacious and the fresher your living area will look like. 

2. Industrial chairs

Industrial chairs

The industrial design was once neglected before but is now taking the interior and exterior design industry by a huge storm. 

That’s why if you want to add some spice to your living room, don’t hesitate to consider utilizing industrial chairs that will definitely add texture or contrast in your living area. 

Also, as you invite your guest again after the renovation, you’ll see that your newly-changed chairs are the ones they’ll first notice. 

3. Carpets


If you want to add life on your living room floor, then try using carpets to add contrast and texture on the said area. 

This is also a great technique if you want to hide some floor glitches or want to keep the floor look more elegant and more relaxing. 

4. Bookshelves


Some living rooms are so empty that it appears to be boring or lifeless for welcoming the guests. 

Mostly, the walls are left empty and untouched that it lessens the fresh and relaxing vibe of the living area. 

To eliminate the boring atmosphere in the living room, don’t disregard the idea of installing bookshelves. 

Bookshelves on the wall will greatly create more life and volume to the living room which will make it more interesting to spend the rest of the bonding time. 

5. Frames and artworks

Frames and artworks

Like what’s been said in the earlier key point, the walls are mostly left lifeless and untouched. 

Aside from adding bookshelves in the living rooms, start hanging your hidden frames and/or artworks on the walls. 

And you’ll see before your eyes, how your living room can turn from a boring one to a totally spiced up and chic living area! 

So, that’s the best piece of furniture you might want to consider when spicing up your living room on a tight budget. 

It doesn’t really have to cost you an arm and leg as it only requires you to be as resourceful and as creative as you can. 

If you have more ideas in mind that you want to share with us, don’t hesitate to knock on our doors and let us know your colorful thoughts! 


7 Ways To Propose To Your Girlfriend Without a Hassle

Marriage is the utmost level that any relationship can reach. 

But before that, you have to do a lot of preparation for the wedding or marriage proposal – which is traditionally and normally done, none other than the gentlemen. 

Having said that, you might be here because you’re looking for some tips on how you can propose to your girlfriend, right? 

Well, you just got yourself in the right hands because this article will hand you down the simple yet best ways you can do to propose to your girlfriend without a single drop of sweat. 

All you have to do right now is to make time reading and browsing this piece, reflect on the following tips or key points, highlight the best parts, and start the planning process. 

So, don’t ever think of leaving the pages and finish reading instead. 

  1. Take her on a nostalgic place not only for her but for the both of you. The best example is to bring her back to the place where you first met or where you made her say “yes” to be your girlfriend.Because if you don’t mind knowing, a sentimental place creates a big impact on any special occasion such as the wedding or marriage proposal.
  2. Make an album of all your photos, printed receipts from a dinner date, movie tickets, and anything you collected during your entire relationship.You can embed the magic words, “Will you marry me?” at the end page of the album. Isn’t that cute?
  3. Aside from getting her the finest engagement ring, don’t forget to consider reserving an intimate dinner to your favorite fine dining restaurant.If you have enough budget, you can rent the whole place for one night and make a romantic arrangement with the help of the staff or even with the guidance and assistance of your family and friends.
  4. Date her on a random day so she wouldn’t have any idea that you’ll be kneeling to the ground in no time.

    You can take her to the nearest beach to watch the sunset while recalling all the memories you created together as boyfriend and girlfriend.
  5. One of the simplest yet most romantic ways to propose to your girlfriend is by doing it on a special occasion like in the middle of a family gathering, in the concert of your favourite performer, under the starry night sky, or a simple celebration you’ve been invited to.

    And one thing’s for sure, she’ll be in great joy to be sandwiched in between two special and memorable events of her life! 
  6. Do a silly prank! Doing a prank to your girlfriend is both risky and funny. Well, just know your limitations if you decide to do a prank on her.

    And at the end of your silly actions, that’s the perfect time you can kneel to the ground and ask her if she still accepts all your craziness and ready to spend a freaky ride of married life with you!
  7. Propose to her in the middle of your anniversary celebration. This can be considered as one of the safest ways to take her out without a hassle. Because it’s understood that anniversaries are meant to be celebrated together.

    So, you might as well take advantage of the moment and take out the engagement ring, confess your eternal love, and utter your marriage proposal vows. And voila! You now have a double celebration!AUTHOR BIO:

    Kath Ramirez embraced the dream of being a writer since she was in 4th grade. She took it seriously and she now writes for Musson Jewellers, an award-winning provider of the finest jewellery not only in Sydney but all over the world. Kath also keeps herself busy spending time with her family, cherishing the role of a mom to 3 dogs and a puppy, reading random books, and diving into the world of photography. She’s not even a pro to whatever she’s engaged into right now, but one thing she knows, she’s happy and that’s more than enough.